Cara Gulati

Fiber Artist

Hi, I'm Cara Gulati, a fiber artist with a lifelong love of fabric. My journey had taken me from selling fabric and clothing to designing and wholesaling my own line of children’s wear. After a fulfilling career of illustrating and publishing books and patterns for art quilt enthusiasts, I've shifted my focus to new and creative adventures. You can explore more about my books and patterns at

My presence in the quilting world has opened doors for me to showcase my art internationally. Currently I am having a blast working my newest series called Rotating Magic. I also take commissions. 

For a walking tour of m 2015 gallery exhibition in Sitches, Spain, you can check it out from a visitor's perspective by clicking here

I live and work  in beautiful San Rafael, California. You can also find me creating in my art studio by appointment next to MarinMOCA in Novato, California. 



Artist Statement

I call my work Art Quilts.

Color is the most important element in my work. Bright saturated colors that make the heart pound faster, the pupils dilate and the hands desire to reach out to touch. The look and feel of fabric gives a tactile sense of the familiar.

My designs are stylized but recognizable. Some are more abstract and yet familiar. Many look three dimensional as if one could reach inside the shapes. Curves create movement and excitement. Thread work adds depth and texture.

In the end my ideas are created in fabric for everyone to see and contemplate. Please let them take you down a road of curiosity, wonderment and joy as your eyes dance around!

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