The Process

My work starts with drawings. Some are done by hand with pencil and paper. Others are created on the computer in Adobe Illustrator. Both methods have different challenges. But one thing remains constant. It takes many drawings before I feel one is good enough to take to the next step and become art.

Once I choose a drawing I must decide what size I want it to be. The more complicated the design is, the larger it needs to be. once the design is enlarged, patterns must be made for each piece. These all go on the design wall like a puzzle. The choice of fabric is critical to a great art piece. I work in sections.


The center of this design starts to come together.


The second round of scrolls is complete. Next round!


You can see the paper pattern shapes in the photo above that remain to be finished.


Notice that this design is quite large. It can take a bit of wrangling to show it who is in charge. Each of these shapes is stitched together to create one big shape.


Almost done!


The big design is finished.

Once the fabrics are all joined together, it's time to layer the design, batting and a backing fabric and quilt through all three layers. If it's a small piece I can do that on a smaller sewing machine. If it's a big piece, then the sheer size and weight requires the use of the big industrial machine that sits on a special table. Quilting is like drawing with thread to enhance the art with more color as well as add a third dimension to the piece.


 This pieced finished measurement is 10'W x 8'H. I love to work extremely large. I like to make my artwork the center of attention.

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